Sea Island Software, Inc. is the developer of the HURREVAC program, used by government emergency managers around the world to track and analyze the threat for hurricanes in the Atlantic, East and Central Pacific, typhoons in the West Pacific, and cyclones in the South Pacific.

The HURREVAC program is funded by FEMA, and the US Army Corps of Engineers, and also supported by NOAA. HURREVAC is free to qualified government emergency managers. See our HURREVAC support site for details.

We realize that there are services desired by Hurrevac program users which do not have a likelihood of being funded by the government. Therefore, we have developed this Sea Island Software site to offer products and services related to the Hurrevac program, which are not funded by, or normally available from, government agencies.


We also offer hurricane tracking services for users of ESRI's ArcGIS and Google Earth.

Direct, realtime feeds of critical hurricane tracking data in KML and Shapefile format

The products/services we offer include:

Our mission is to help you prepare for the hurricane threat in your community. Let us know if we can be of assistance!

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